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Save Time On Research and Writing. Ultimately Kingston's first chapter is devoted to the struggle between fitting in with the social commonplace and developing one's own individual character. The novel's setting in rural China holds great importance to the development of this dominating theme.

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No name woman by maxine kingston full essay

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“No Name Woman” Essay. Maxine Hong Kingston’s Short Story

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Million dollar: encyclopedia. As an addition, in certain societies or cultures, it considered as an illegal relationship or we can say forbidden against norm or belief in societies or cultures itself. Like what the writers have discussed above, that adultery has a strong relationship to …show more content… The purposes are: 1. What Kingston is trying to imply is that there is a lot no name woman essay from culture. Living here in America Kingston had to establish realities, she had to act a certain way depending on the environment she was in.

Whether she was in school or at home Kingston was expected to act a certain way, either by her parents or peers. The work of preservation demands that the feelings playing about in one s gut not be turned into action. Just watch their passing like cherry blossoms.Through her rhetorical question, Kingston directly states the difficulties to identify and incorporate Chinese culture in American society.

Kingston commences the novel by arguing that all myths and tales are contingent on specific cultural necessities. This story provides an ambiguous and complex talk-story; the role of the female no name woman by maxine kingston essay Chinese traditions and the difficulty of been raised as a Chinese American girl.

No name woman essay 

The aunt was pregnant and was raided on the night she was supposed to give birth; the raiders stole and destroyed family property, and the aunt gave birth in a pigsty while in exile. The aunt took away her life and her newborn baby by plunging into a well in China. This story sounds like a cautionary tale. In one instance, she describes the aunt as a shy lady who is lured into giving in by a rapist. These were average folks who were so adamant to find love and pleasure.

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In the essay, Kingston incorporated three different genres that worked together to describe the way she felt about her aunt. She used this as the first sentence of her piece to show that this secret was big, surprising and something that the family never wanted her to know about. She also wanted the audience to feel the curiosity that she felt when her mother started to tell the story.

Kingston was addressing the issue of the high standards that the Chinese culture put upon their women versus their men. The specific genre of The Woman Warrior has been disputed due to Kingston's blend of perspectives, specifically traditional Chinese folktale and memoir. With this mixture, Kingston tries to provide her audience with the cultural, familial, and personal context needed to understand her unique position as a first-generation Chinese-American woman.

Susan Stanford Friedman's assessment of autobiography with regard to women and minority groups explains Kingston's intricate blend of perspective and genre: women and cultural minorities often don't have the privilege of viewing themselves as individuals isolated from their no name woman by maxine kingston full essay or racial group.

No name woman analysis essay

Kingston illustrates this condition through her use of Chinese talk-story, her mother's traditional Chinese perspective, and her own first-person view as a Chinese American. In the first part of this chapter, the narrator is recounting how her mother once told her the story of the No-Name Woman. The chapter essentially opens as a vignette told from the mother's point of view. She tells the story of the No Name Woman, her husband's deceased sister.

Kingston uses her own experiences with Chinese tradition and culture to substantiate alternate "versions" of the tale. At the end of "No Name Woman", Kingston reflects on the importance of her mother's story.

"No Name Woman" Essay. Maxine Hong Kingston's Short Story

She concludes that the real lesson is not how No Name Woman died; rather, why she was forgotten. In China your father had a sister who killed herself. She jumped into the family well. We say that your father has all brothers because it is as if she had never been born.

Because she is most concerned with exploring how her Chinese cultural history can be reconciled with her emerging sense of herself as an American, Kingston must uncover just what this Chinese cultural history is, and one way of doing so is by listening to, and then altering, her mother's stories about the family's Chinese past.

Throughout The Woman WarriorKingston will refer to her mother's historical tales as "talk-stories," culturally based, primarily oral stories whose general purpose is didactic. For example, here in "No Name Woman," Kingston says no name woman by maxine kingston essay her mother, who, we later learn, is named Brave Orchid, "Whenever she had to warn us about life, my mother told stories that ran like this one [about No Name Woman], a story to grow up on.

She tested our strength to establish realities. Because of this realistic-magical aspect, a talk-story can be as confusing to its audience - Kingston and her readers - as it can be inspiring. Brave Orchid's story of No Name Woman provides one valuable inroad into Kingston's discovering her cultural history. Brave Orchid relates how on the night when Kingston's aunt gave birth to an illegitimate child, the people of the Chinese village in which the aunt and her family lived ransacked the family's house, killed all of their livestock, and destroyed their crops.

Shunned by her family, the analytical essay no name woman gave birth in a pigsty, alone. The next morning, Brave Orchid went to gather water from the family's well, where she discovered that No Name Woman had committed suicide by throwing herself and her child down into the well.

Explaining that the aunt had become pregnant by a man whose identity the aunt never disclosed, Brave Orchid also relates that at the time - - the aunt's husband was working in America. Due to failing crops and a poor domestic economy, many of the men from the ancestral village in China were forced to leave their farms to seek work, traveling as far as America, which the Chinese nicknamed "Gold Mountain" because the original Chinese immigrants initially perceived it as a bountiful land where a good living could be made working in the gold-mining industry.

Brave Orchid's story about Kingston's aunt is a cautionary tale meant to discourage the young Kingston from engaging in premarital sex; hopefully, the fear of humiliation, ostracism, and death will serve sufficiently as a deterrent for sexual promiscuity.

Nutritionist Phyllis Hall stated that we tend to eat foods that are high in At one point during the play Hamlet, Hamlet states, "Frailty, thy name is women" i. During the period Hamlet was written, the society was patriarchal, therefore, the women were very dependent on the men, and were unable to exist independently.

Through their submissiveness Gertrude and Ophelia are treated as marionettes, who are easily manipulated by those around them. Thus their behavior portrays the frailty of their characters.

They are similar in the sense that they are frail, however, they displayed distinct aspects of frailty. Gertrude lacks moral fiber and Ophelia exhibits emotional weakness and weak character. Gertrude demonstrates moral frailty, as she does not contend to common rules and beliefs.



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