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From the perspective of most law enforcement agencies these ordeals are not easy to deal with. Corruption only has one side and that is internal with an external persuasion, meaning that there may be a top notch officer who believes in everything good and has exceptional morals but being around individuals who have the power to erasure you to do wrong doings tends to occurs a lot in law enforcement.

To most this may be looked at as a conundrum police corruption essays persuasive they have these gangs within an agency where business report writing examples are sworn to protect against certain entities.

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Many white Americans, indoctrinated by the ridiculous number of buddy-cop films and police-themed TV shows that Police corruption essays has cranked out over the decades-almost all of them portraying police as heroes-may be surprised by essay on police corruption continuing outbursts of anger, the protests in the street against the police that they see in inner-city environments like Ferguson.

Law enforcement agencies need to eliminate those who use and abuse the power of the law as they see fit. As I said to the Knapp Commission 43 years ago, we must create an atmosphere where the crooked cop fears the honest cop, and not the other way around.

An honest cop should be able to speak out against unjust or illegal behavior by fellow officers without fear of ridicule or reprisals. Those that speak out should be rewarded and respected by their superiors, not punished. Even today, I love the police life. I love the work. I just marveled at the respect and dignity with which he did his work, and how people respected him.

As a young boy I had no idea.

Police corruption essays

This guy could open doors. As a boy of 8 or 9, returning home one evening after shining shoes on the parkway, I saw a white police officer savagely beating a frail black woman with his night stick as she lay prostrate on a parkway bench.

All I could hear was the thud as the wood struck her skin and bones. I was reminded of that year-old incident recently when an Internet video showed a white police officer pummeling a black woman with his gloved fist in broad daylight - have police tactics really changed?

But Essays on police corruption also saw the good side of cops. I saw them standing on the running board of a car they had commandeered to chase a thief. They looked at me skeptically and asked me where I went to school. Francis Prep, and I want to be a cop just like you. So I knew there were good cops out there.

I knew that some cops took traffic money, but I had no idea of the institutionalized graft, corruption and nepotism that existed and was condoned until one evening I was handed an envelope by another officer.

I was wrong.The top decision maker must do it clear from the start that he and the other members of the section are against any signifier of corrupt activity. So there are ways to forestall police corruptness from go oning. An probe of a local newspaper or any police-related edited in an urban metropolis during any given hebdomad would most probably have an article about a constabulary officer that got caught perpetrating some sort of corrupt act.

Police corruption essay corruptness has increased with the illegal cocaine trade. Large groups of corrupt constabularies have been caught in New York. New Orleans. Corruptness within constabulary sections falls into 2 basic ranks.

Police corruption essays persuasive

Corruptness in policing is normally viewed as the mistreatment of authorization by police officer moving officially to carry through their personal demands or wants. Sewell explains what we should expect in response to the excessive delays that occurred in the two cases mentioned.

One would expect that senior officials, in cases such as these, would assure the public that changes will police corruption essay put in place so that the cases proceed expeditiously. One would also expect that the necessary staff changes be made in order to re enforce the police corruption essays persuasive of police corruption. Unfortunately these are only expectations and although they may be obvious ones, we still often see senior officers sweep these cases under a rug in order to save face.

If we take, for example, the two cases in Toronto that Sewell makes reference to, police Chief Bill Blair and members of the Toronto police service board made no such efforts or changes to guarantee that cases such as the Shretzer case be proceeded in a expeditious manner Sewell, Section 11 b of the Charter of Rights and Freedom explains that everyone who is charged with a criminal offence has the right to a trial within a reasonable time.

The courts determine what is reasonable in relation to the individual cases themselves. Although this does give the courts a lot of discretion, guidelines have been decided within case law. The Supreme Court of Canada has set out a standard of eight to ten months for summary phd by thesis. The more serious crimes, involving a preliminary hearing and tried within the Supreme Court, are granted an additional six to eight months Rouben, It must be noted that these are only guidelines and that each case will have its own reasoning for delay or swiftness.

Each of the cases examined by Sewell was well out of the standard range for reasonable time of trial. Noting this, one can only assume that, under the circumstances, the presiding judges had just cause to dismiss the cases at hand. It is difficult to suggest, but the investigating officers may not have been given sufficient time to gather the necessary evidence.

Essay on police corruption

Although this is a possibility, one would assume that, with allegations such as these, the investigating officers would have taken precautionary measures in order to ensure that a trial be held in a timely fashion. With the Crown attorney pushing for the presentation of evidence and the courts prolonged allowance of these cases to proceed, it is difficult to accept that the investigating officers did not have sufficient time to police corruption essays evidence.

This leaves us with two assumptions: there was not sufficient evidence to proceed with the charges or the investigating officers were reluctant to present the evidence in order to protect their fellow officer. In order to accurately discuss the possibility of poor investigative measures as the cause of excessive delays, one must first make note of the resources needed in order to ensure that a case proceeds to trial in a timely fashion.

Police corruption

Needed, for an accurate investigation of police misconduct, is a strong and dedicated investigative unit that is in no way influenced by a blue code when dealing with such issues.

The investigation must be thorough. It is imperative that the investigating officers be given proper resources in order to solve the matter at hand. It also requires that police act in an unreserved manner.

In other words, police should investigate these issues with the same tenacity as they would other cases. Within the courts, delays are often caused by conflicting schedules between Crown and Police corruption essays persuasive.

One must also note that defence has the right to see all evidence presented against him before trial. If all of the evidence is not presented to the defence he can then ask that the trial be set to a later date.

If the defence does have access to the evidence he must provide another reason for delay. If this reason is seen as legitimate by the courts, the trial may again be set to a later date. InTransparency International claimed, in a country wide study, that according to RCMP research, police corruption is not a major issue in Canada. For instance it is likely that these cases represent only a few bad apples within the system.

It may be noted that the media does not always display the proper information, but it is beginning to break into the code of silence and spread news of police misconduct Campbell, et al. Given the recent police corruption essays persuasive of police corruption and misconduct cases drawing public attention in the media, one could assume that we no longer trust our officials as much as we once did. Although we may not always see criminal convictions as a result of police corruption, there are standard ways in which law enforcement officials deal with corruption within their profession.

For instance, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have internal disciplinary procedures used in cases of police misconduct. Would you like to get a custom essay? How about receiving a police corruption essays one? Press enter to begin your search. Police Corruption December 17, Law.

Essays on police corruption Comments. Openness in communication between managers and subordinates builds on solid relationships and helps build the organizational culture. When a manager is approachable the subordinate automatically feels comfortable with speaking to the manager about issues within the workplace.

This may not hold true for strict managers, given that subordinates will not feel comfortable speaking candidly, and will think twice before committing an act that is in violation with company policy.

Both management styles have limited integrity violations, but I believe that that only having a strict management style will have a direct impact on how successful a company is, and how happy subordinates are within the workplace.

In turn, this will eventually limit the success of the organization, which will impact subordinates in the future. An example of the limited success of a well-known company due to strict management style is Apple Inc. Apple is a very flourishing international technology company that was founded in by Steve Jobs.

The reason for the limited success is because of Steve Jobs autocratic management style. His autocratic management style leads employees to have an increased fear that Steve Jobs would fire them instantaneously for any misstep. He would police corruption essay out unexpectedly, even at his closest friends, and commanded loyalty.

When Bill Gates publicized that he would retire two years ahead of schedule, there was no distress to the future outlook of Microsoft. Legislators could reevaluate laws that create the potential for corruption. Such a reassessment would be ap world history compare and contrast essay on the recognition that a major portion of police corruption is an outgrowth of laws that criminalize drug use, prostitution, and gambling.

Any serious attempt to fight police corruption must wrestle with the decriminalization issue. Decriminalization involves removing the criminal label from victimless crimes by legalizing and regulating them. Decriminalization would contribute significantly to improving the police corruption problem. It is doubtful, however, that Congress or any state legislature will seriously consider legalizing drugs or any other prohibited goods and services in the near future. Learn the Estimated Price for a Custom Paper writers online.



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